Monday, December 3, 2012

Head Band holders

Ever find yourself wondering where to put all of your headbands? At one time I did, too. I googled and googled and googled, because that's where all the good answers are. I kept getting search results telling me that I should basically take an outmeal can and wrap it with scrapbook paper. There were 2 problems with this:
1: I have yet to find a piece of scrapbook paper big enough to wrap all the way around the can. You could probably splice 2 pieces of paper together, but that's a pain in the butt.
2: I don't know about you, but I kindof want something a little fancier on my counter.
So, I wandered Hobby Lobby in search of a solution, and that's what you see in the picture above.
It's a headband holder made out of a tall glass jar. I actually made a few of these before I remembered to take a picture, and now I just wanted to show it off.